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The Apollo unconditional warranty offers you peace of mind). Buy an Apollo tyre (covered in the offer) and if the tyre becomes unserviceable within 2 years from the date of purchase or exhibits 50% wear, whichever is earlier), you'll get a new tyre on pro rata basis.


Step 1

Customer has to call the cell center, Apollo Direct, at 1800 212 7070 within a month of date of purchase and provide the following details for warranty registration:

  1. Customer name
  2. Mobile number
  3. Dealer name
  4. Number of tyre(s) purchased
  5. Tyre size
  6. Tyre serial number/bar code number.

Step 2

Apollo Direct will provide the warranty registration number to the customer, which needs to be quoted to avail the unconditional warranty.


  1. The customer has to show the physical tyre and provide the warranty registration number.
  2. After acceptance of tyre under this policy, the customer has to pay the amount on pro rata# basis.
  3. The customer will receive a new tyre. The fitting and service charges will be additional.
  4. Dealer can facilitate the warranty registration for the customer at the Call Centre, however he cannot claim the tyre under warranty in his own name


165/65 R 13 77 T Amazer XL
165/80R 14 88 T Amazer XL
175/65R 14 82 T Amazer XL
LT195/80R 15 106/105 Q Amazer XL
205/65R 15 94T/99 S Apterra HLS
215/75R 15 100 S Apterra HT
215/75R 15 100 S Amazer XL
LT215/75R 15 C115 S Amazer XL
185/85R 16 105Q 8PR Amazer XL


This warranty should be seen as a “,goodwill” warranty. Abuse or misapplication is not included. This means that general sales conditional remain valid. The warranty is applicable on select Apollo tyres purchased by the customer after 5th Nov,2014. The following gives the details of what is excluded in this warranty.

Excluded are

  • International damages
  • Repairable cuts/failure
  • Any consequential costs (repatriation, personal and material damage, mounting costs etc).

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