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About Retreading

The main business activity of the FORTUNE TYRE AND TRADE (hereinafter referred to as "the firm") is that of Tyre Retread. Retread, which basically means "recap," or "remould" is a re-manufacturing process for tyres that replaces the tread on worn out tyres. Retreading is applied to casings of spent tyres that have been inspected and repaired. It preserves about 90% of the material in spent tyres and the material cost is about 20% compared to manufacturing a new one. Also it is eco-friendly as there is no combustion of fuel throughout the process. Tyre retreading is a manufacturing/servicing business in which used/old tyres are retreaded by applying a pre-cured belt over the crown portion. Thus, providing a new life to the old/used tyres and contributing in saving the environment and natural resources.

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